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The Team


Success in the academic arena after separating from the Military can be a huge challenge for former service-members. Our ultimate goal is to facilitate their success in every way possible, since opening our doors in 2012 we have done just that.  We have supported the needs of over 150 veterans in their pursuit of higher education, and the number continues to rise.  We have our team to thank for our success in our continued efforts.  Our Combat2College team is made up of both Veteran and Non-Veteran personnel, all whom share the same passion and commitment to giving back to those who have honorably served our nation.

Elvis Rey


Picture of Elvis

As the co founder/CEO of Combat2College, Elvis made it his mission to find a way to supplement the necessities of helping veterans in which VA benefits couldn't provide.  Elvis works as a mentor to help guide veterans into making the right decisions in not only in the world of academia, but in their jobs, theirs lives and their futures.  He feels as if it's not his job, but his duty to help his brothers and sisters become a success in their post military careers.  As a USAF Security Forces and USCG TACLET veteran he still provides and serves his country as a military instructor for anti terrorism and force protection.  As the Operating Partner of Joint Force Enterprises he has taken his experience and training to a whole new level, educating civilians on personal protection through firearms training.

AJ Schlegel


Picture of AJ

In 2011, after completing a 7 year Military Police enlistment, in the U.S. Army, A.J. returned to Jacksonville, FL to pursue his educational goals of completing his Bachelors degree in Business Management. While attending, he started to notice the difficulties and needs of fellow student Veterans, which he also encountered through his own experiences. Transition from life in the military, into life as a college student is difficult enough. Now, add in the whirlwind processes of the VA and that of your College or University, and you will find yourself ready to give up! Something had to be done to help facilitate this triangle. In 2012, with the help from a few very important people, and the support of so many more, Combat2College, Inc. was born.

Brittani Dister

Director of Events

Picture of Brittani

Brittani is a student at the University of Florida working on finishing her bachelors degree in business and has been hosting special events around the Jacksonville area for the past 6 years.  Brittani has been with Combat2College since 2014 helping plan and organize events and fundraisers raising thousands of dollars for our local veterans.  She has been an asset in helping raise awareness in the community about Combat2College, making it a household name and letting people know how the organization can help our local service members in need who may not have known the assistance was available.

Will Bright


Picture of Will

As a Missouri native, Will attended Missouri State university until he re-located to Jacksonville, FL in 2000 and enrolled at Florida State College Jacksonville.  A long list of outdoor adventures, sports, shooting, white water rafting, traveling, boating and social events with family and friends and his beautiful wife, Sarah, are the driving force behind him.  His drive and passion for adventure was ingrained in him at a young age as he traveled extensively while growing up and able to see many parts of the world.  His adventures led him to Jacksonville where his passion for entrepreneurship has allowed him to be the President/Owner of Discount Glass, Inc, president/CEO of SPF Sun Control, LLC and has created a partnership with Joint Force Enterprises.  He has been involved with multiple charities over the years donating as much time as possible to help others. His experience in the not-for-profit organizations is a valued asset for Combat2College.

Quinton Carter

Human Resources & Technology Officer


Quinton has been fortunate to volunteer & work with many different non-profits in my life. Since he was young he believed the best way to provide aid to someone providing the helping hand they need.  He has helped with house builds, food/sorting distribution, he has run fundraising events, and volunteered at a home for children with mental disabilities.  Along with volunteering, he has also worked for some great non-profits to provide a different service to the people in need.  His experience has given him very useful experience in team management, recruiting, employee benefits, training, volunteer allocation, fundraising and event organization.

Dana Darley

Community Outreach Organizer

Picture1 Dana

Dana has 14 years experience in hospitality and networking and enjoys staying involved with charity especially through golf events.  She enjoys networking as a hobby and has many friends and family that have and currently serve in the military.

Tony Hart

Veteran Mentor

Picture of Tony

Tony is a veteran of the US Military for 10 years and enlisted into the Marine Corps at 17 years old.  He has been a kayak angler for about 12 years now and has worked 2 different kayak companies developing, building and managing their pro team.  Tony is the Editor in Chief for Yak Outlaws LLC and has started the Heroes on the Water chapter of NE Florida, a program that takes wounded veterans out for a day of kayak fishing each month.  Tony and his wife, Kaycee, started the Inshore Xtreme Challenge kayaking tournament that benefits Combat2College each year raising thousands of dollars for our local service members, veterans and their families.

Justin Martin

Social Media Director

Picture1 Justin

Justin is a contagiously positive person with a mindset for hard work, creativity, entrepreneurship and helping people. Justin married his middle school sweetheart Rhonda at age 19 and in his spare time he enjoys as much shooting, four wheeling and photography as possible.   At age 16 Justin began his current 11 year career with Discount Tire Company. In his career and after seeing how similar organizations have helped friends and family, his drive for helping people has lead him to Combat2College.